When Anadomi Construction Co. was found in November 2002 by its four founding members Nidal Akkari (Civil Engineer), Hisham Akkari (MSc Civil Engineer), Vasilis Nousis (Civil Engineer) and Nick Argyropoulos (Economist), its philosophy was a simple one. To survive and succeed in the difficult years ahead by ensuring that everyone from client to employee, to subcontractor to supplier, was treated fairly and with respect. The Company believes in giving its clients far more than they expect, with a keen focus on quality work and on-time completion. This straightforward philosophy will be the source from which the company's successes would grow in the future.

Over time, Anadomi has set two defining standards in its business. First, it believes that its success is a function of the caliber and commitment of its people. It seeks the best of the best, and to this day, employee loyalty and longevity at Anadomi stands as a proud reflection of its founder's ethics.

Anadomi employs several civil and mechanical engineers, architects and interior designers with many years of experience in the construction industry, all of whom have full technical knowledge complementing each other to produce safe, excellent, complete, modern and functional results. Its manpower consists of experienced foremen and hard-working craftsmen and labor.

Relationships are everything to Anadomi, and it teaches by example. Anadomi is not only in the business of building buildings. It is in the business of building relationships too. Six years later, its legacy lives on. Today, over 80 percent of the company's business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Today, with its founding members' full attention and commitment, which are all continuously active in the day to day running of the business, Anadomi with its current construction projects (at various stages of completion) in the Greater Athens area, has very quickly managed to become and continues to be a leader in the industry and the community.

For the elaboration of every study, Anadomi is supported by A.N.A Consulting Researching Engineering company, which provides architectural, static and electro-mechanical studies that are being elaborated in the light of Art, Science and aesthetics, at a level of implementation design, providing this way all the necessary constructing details for the perfect fulfillment of each project. A.N.A Consulting Researching Engineering is also specialized at static, earthquake engineering and soil's retaining structures. As a result, all the constructions of the Anadomi Company are being designed and constructed based on their high earthquake resistance.

Anadomi actively seeks new ways out of a slowing Greek real estate market. Together with its forward thinking and research and development of new ideas and market opportunities, besides its always increasing share in the Greek market, it looks to Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Libya, Dubai, Jordan and the rest of the world to continue and expand its business in these very hard and competitive but open and up and coming markets.

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